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ANNT is a specialist manufacturer of woodworking machinery including panel sawing and cutting machine, CNC machining center, edge banding machine, sanding machine, laminating machine to serve woodworking industry. Are you planning on purchasing woodworking machine for furniture manufacturing? Our machines can be tailored precisely to your individual applications.

    1. Sawing and Cutting
    2. Sawing and Cutting
    3. ANNT offers panel saw, band saw and table saw to provide high efficiency cutting solutions for processing wood based panels with various shapes.
    1. Drilling Machine
    2. Drilling Machine
    3. Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of CE standard, clear indication of electrical circuits and wiring, circuit diagram is offered ...
    1. CNC Machining Centers
    2. CNC Machining Centers
    3. ANNT’s CNC machining centers are highly developed machine tools that allow precision machining and complicated processing on ...
    1. Planning, Milling and Routing
    2. Planning, Milling and Routing
    3. Spindle shaper is particularly used to cut various size grooves, rebates and joints, as well as processing flat or curved surfaces.
    1. Edge Banding Machine
    2. Edge Banding Machine
    3. ANNT provides reliable edge banding machines to deliver the highest quality edge processing for woodworking industry. Our edgebanders are offered with some additional units ...
    1. Membrane Press and Laminating
    2. Membrane Press and Laminating
    3. Whether you need to produce furniture parts or wood floor panels, ANNT can offer Membrane Press and Laminating machines tailored to your woodworking applications.

Since its foundation in 2003, ANNT group has been committed to developing and manufacturing of woodworking machinery. We have two subsidiaries to produce solid wood machines and wood panel machines respectively, to serve manufacturers of solid wood furniture and panel furniture by providing complete furniture production solutions. Our wide range of products includes CNC mortiser and tenoner machine, CNC machining center, horizontal panel saw, CNC band saw, automatic edge banding machine, CNC router and other woodworking machines which are critical for furniture manufacturers.